Why is everyone hitting snooze on ethereum?

Eth is rallying! As of 5/6/21, Eth is flirting at $3,400 per coin, which is wild to think because a couple weeks ago it was just $1350. I believe the wide spread adoption of NFT’s and the understanding of Ethereum’s potential is causing this bull run. Now, I want to preface this post by sayingContinue reading “Why is everyone hitting snooze on ethereum?”

What is Dogecoin? and how do you pronounce it?

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started as a meme in 2013. According to the world wide web, Billy Markus, a former IBM engineer, made a post on Reddit about making a cryptocurrency using a Shiba-Innu as the mascot. Jackson Palmer, who worked at Adobe hopped on the train, and decided to helpContinue reading “What is Dogecoin? and how do you pronounce it?”

Why COVID-19 was the best thing that ever happened to Bitcoin!

I remember my final days in New York City very vividly. I worked in 4 World Trade Center, near financial district in Manhattan. Shortly after the pandemic became serious, news broke out that a group of folks who worked in my building, such as the head of the port authority and his team, contracted theContinue reading “Why COVID-19 was the best thing that ever happened to Bitcoin!”

How to buy Bitcoin (and other crypto) in 2021

Almost everyday for the past couple months or so I’ve received DM’s/emails/messages from folks asking for crypto advice or a how to guide on getting started. The folks reaching out tend to fall under three buckets: I read that bitcoin is going to be the next big thing and I want to get started! ElonContinue reading “How to buy Bitcoin (and other crypto) in 2021”

The best way to prepare for Product Manager (PM) Interviews in 2021

The goal of this post is to explain how to prepare for Product Manager interviews. I will give an overview of the interview structure, dive deep into the 4 types of interview questions, a framework to answer each topic, and provide recommendations into books to read. There are 4 types of questions in a PMContinue reading “The best way to prepare for Product Manager (PM) Interviews in 2021”

The truth about Bitcoin

The beginner’s guide! Chances are you stumbled across this page with the intent of changing your perspective on Bitcoin. There are definitely a lot of myths out there – so, let’s tackle them head on!  First off, let’s start with the basics.  Bitcoin is best described as an invention that, for the first time inContinue reading “The truth about Bitcoin”